Directorate of Establishment and Human Resource

Mr. Ife Oluwole

Acting Director

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The Directorate of Establishments and Human Resource assists the Registrar in dealing with matters of appointments, promotions, training, welfare and discipline of all Academic, Administrative and Professional and Junior Staff in the University. The Directorate is sub-divided into the following Units:

  • Academic Staff Matters Unit;

  • Administrative and Professional Staff Matters Unit;

  • Junior Staff Matters Unit;

  • Staff Development and Training Unit;

  • Welfare Unit; and

  • Planning and Statistics Unit.

The Directorate deals with matters affecting each of the categories of staff in the University and services the appropriate University Appointments and Promotions Committee and other ad-hoc committees and sub-committees on staff matters. The coordination of the activities of the Directorate is done by the Ag. Director/Deputy Registrar, who liaises constantly with the Registrar to ensure proper flow of work.

The specific functions of the Directorate are as follows:

  • General assistance to the Registrar in all employment matters;

  • Responsibility to the Registrar for:

    • the preparation of papers for the servicing of the meetings of the University Appointments and Promotions Committees;

    • Matters relating to the appointments, confirmation of appointments, promotions, transfer, resignation and retirement of all categories of staff;

    • Matters relating to annual leave, study leave, staff development, sabbatical leave, and others;

    • The preparation of periodic reports to Council on matters relating to the appointments, promotions, study leave, etc. of all categories of staff;

    • Provision of secretaries for all interview and assessment panels for the appointments of all categories of staff;

    • Provisions of secretaries for all ad-hoc Committees such as investigation and disciplinary panels involving staff;

    • Preparation of letters of appointments and matters relating to the welfare and claims of Adjunct, Associate and Part-time lecturers; and

    • Training needs and staff development.